Top 5 Reasons to Donate Sperm

1. Providing the Gift of Family

The most important reason to become an NWC sperm donor is that you will literally change lives. Your service is a truly incredible gift that will never be forgotten by those families you help.

2. Get Compensated

We reimburse qualified donors for their time and expenses with compensation of up to $1,000/month.

3. Flexible Schedule

Whether you are a morning person or an afternoon person we will find a schedule that works for you! New job or school schedule changes? We are here to help!

4. Keep Tabs on Your Health

When you’re healthy, we’re happy. Get full infectious disease screening every 3-4 months …on us! Get $100s worth of genetic carrier screening all free of charge!

5. Find Out Your Sperm Count

How many do you have? How fast are they? But most importantly, are they healthy? We perform a comprehensive semen analysis, including: count, motility, and morphology.